Boat Fishing

Catch Bigger Fish

Having the opportunity to fish from a boat will increase your chances of catching bigger fish.

Bottom dwelling species such as Painted Comber, Wrasse and Bream are quite easy to catch but having good local knowledge and techniques will also enable you to come across larger predatory species such as Amberjack, Barracuda, Albacore Tuna, Skipjack, Dentex and Dorado.

By joining one of our charter trips you can take advantage of our experience and enjoy a memorable day out fishing.

            Boat Fishing       
Skip Jack Tuna

Every season brings with it different species and in most cases the use of lures and other artificial bait is effective.  In some cases the use of live bait will enable  you  to catch the more elusive  species such as Snappers and Amberjcaks. The majority of locals still use hand lines although recently more and more people are now starting to use sport fishing equipment (rod & reels).

Even very close to the shore it is possible to come across Barracuda, Bonitos or Amberjack especially in the early morning hours. When the sea is flat calm it is possible to see shoals of little bait fish gathered close to the surface being attacked by larger fish. This is a good sign that such fish are around hunting and always brings high hopes to the anlgers that the next attack will be on the lure or bait at the other end of the their line. 

            Boat Fishing