Drifting & Reef Fishing

Fun and Easy for all the Family

Light Tackle Trolling

Fishing closer to the shore also offer an array fish to be caught as long as the have the right tackle is used and a few tricks up the sleeve from the skipper are provided to make the day turn out into an unforgettable day out fishing.     

In fact it is usually harder to catch fish from fishing grounds closer to the shore due to the higher intensity of fishing activity by other boats however there are still fish to be caught, the important thing is to use the right equipment and techniques. Once we scale down the tackle and use lighter rods we are ready to troll behind the boat live bait or even little lures to target bonitos, barracudas, amberjacks and dentex that are frequently found in specific spots just off the shore line.

Skipper assists young angler

Ledgering - Bottom Fishing

Apart from trolling lures behind the boat bottom fishing also offers large variety of fish to be caught such as wrasse, bream, parrot fish, comber and also shoal fish such as mackerel.

Coastal fishing trips are also ideal for less experienced fisherman or families with younger children that just want to go fishing and enjoy the day out relaxing and having fun.

Stripped Bream