Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing in Malta

Check out some of the most common questions about our fishing trips.

1. If I’m new to fishing can I still come for a fishing trip ?

Yes, our fishing trips are open to both beginners and experienced anglers. Our skipper will always ensure that all those aboard are assisted accordingly and give advice in order to improve the fishing technique.

2. Am I guaranteed to catch fish ?

If this would be the case it would not be called fishing trips anymore but instead "catching trips". The adventure of setting out at sea for day of fishing and getting away from it all makes it already well worth it. If eventually the fish decide to co-operate and rods start bending this can be considered as an extra bonus. Even if the very nature of fishing itself is very uncertain our experience and well equipped boat will ensure that every opportunity will be used to the best in order to get the fish biting.

3. If I’m the only person on a fishing trip will the trip get cancelled, or will I get charged more ?

None of that. If you are the only person on the day of the fishing trip it means that you’re a lucky fellow. We will not cancel the trip or charge you more. This is an exclusive service that we provide to our valued customers and another reason why we should be your fishing charters of choice in the Maltese Islands.

4. Can I take part of the catch back for an an evening meal ?

Yes sure every angler is entitled to part of the catch and if the fishing gods have been generous with us we’ll ensure that everyone has enough for a nice evening meal. We can also recommend a few hand picked fish restaurants where they will be happy to cook your catch and enjoy a pleasant evening with some good wine.

5. What if the weather is not good on the day of the fishing trip ?

The cancellation of a fishing trip is left entirely at the discretion of the skipper who will decide what is best to do. If it will be possible we will postpone and move the reservation to another day when the weather will be looking better.

6. Can I bring along my own fishing tackle for the fishing trip ?

Yes, sure. You are welcome to bring your own fishing tackle aboard however it’s always best to ask the skipper before using it since this might effect negatively the fishing action.

7. Do you provide drinks aboard ?

Yes drinks are offered on board and for most packages these are included free of charge for the entire duration of the trip. For more information just ask us at the time of the booking.

8. Do you provide food or snacks aboard ?

At the current time this is not offered directly as part of the package. On the other hand you are very welcome to bring along any packed luck or snacks and we will be able to store them in a safe place for the duration of the journey.

9. From where do our boats depart ?

This depends on the season. The different boats may depart from a number of different harbours so at the time of the booking make sure to confirm from which port you will be departing.

10. Do you offer Hotel transport ?

Yes, Hotel transport is an optional service that we offer. If you have no means of transportation you are welcome to request a hotel pick-up. This will be at a minimal cost according to the location of the hotel and departing harbour.