Fishing in Malta

Do it with the Pros

Situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea the Maltese waters are home to a large number of Game fish. Here fishing is practiced all year round and always offers rewarding captures. Every season has it’s own fish to target providing the angler with several opportunites to test his skills and techniques.

Most game fish found around our water are pelagic and include Albacore Tuna, Bonito, Amberjack, Dorado and Skipjack. There are also several bottom dwelling species that offer a real challange to even the most experinced angler such as Dentex, Grouper and Black Bream. 


It’s the local knowledge about the fishing grounds and our long experience that will keep you on the fish and giving you the best chances of getting that throphy fish you always dreamed of.  


Our fishing trips target both  Reef Fish / shallow water species as well as Pelagic / deep sea game fish. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced angler, we’ll make sure you recieve individual attention and guide you on all the dos and don’ts during the entire duration of the trip. 

Check out our fish chart where you will find the list of species that can be found in our waters and which would be the best time of the year to fish for them.

Fishing in Malta is also subject to regulations so always make sure you are correctly informed and guided by qualified authorized skippers.