Shore Fishing

What can i Catch ?

It really depends on where and when, but one can practice loads of different angling techniques.

Rock fishing, beach ledgering, spinning, float fishing just to mention a few. Generally many choose to relax along the sea side in sheltered bays or on the many piers along the shore line and enjoy a few hours of light tackle fishing. 

The Maltese waters host a large variety of fish and underwater fauna. When fishing from shore it is easy to catch various bottom dwelling species such as Bream, Wrasse, Comber, Mullet, Parrotfish and much more.

            Shore Fishing       
Ledgering in the harbour area

A soft to medium action telescopic casting rod fitted with a medium spinning reel filled up with 6kg (10lbs) breaking strain monofilament line is the ideal choice for light tackle fishing. Bait is another essential part in order to get a few fish in your landing net. Live Rag Worms is the best choice, but if you can’t’ get hold of any do not despair, shrimps and cockles will also do the job.

Paste is another option and it’s a common bait when fishing with a pole rod for shoal fish such as Mullet. In this case ground baiting is a must, doing so will bring more fish in your fishing area and hopefully also in to your keep net.

If instead you’re after larger fish you’ll have to go offshore fishing - check out our fishing trip packages.

            Shore Fishing       
A local fisherman fishing with a Pole Rod