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Hi Daryl,

Thanks for the phone call last night advising today seemed to be the best weather for the coming week.

Intense overnight distant lighting filled the sky much of the early hours of today and we arrived at 0545 unsure if we were going ahead.

Anyway, Skipper Chris had reviewed current met data and concluded we were good to go and that we would need to be flexible regarding what we did and where. A few bullet points to start, we have found Aquatica and Chris in particular to be :-    

  • highly experienced and excellent to deal with   
  • massive local knowledge of fishing, habitat, maximizing experience within prevailing conditions   
  • patient, caring, understanding, excellent communicators and fun to spend time with   
  • safe competent organization   
  • superbly equipped vessel in 26’ Mister One II, v6 Volvo 320hp inboard + outboard for mini moves  all in tip top order

Todays itinnery was tuned to suit prevailing conditions and our limited experience (Christine had fished from shore for four days and caught zilch, it being a good 20yrs since I had had my solitary boat trip - inshore - coastal wales)

As we headed out to deep water marks the weather decided to do something than mr forecaster advised so plan b was put into gear where we visited many and varied locations using half a dozen different techniques, all effective apart from the last drifting session. 

We lost count after 8 of the varieties of fish we caught, no whoppers but all amazing in their own way and Chris explaining the characteristics of each. Also the safety warnings ref the dodgy geezers to beware of. We thought the day had culminated when Chris beautifully prepared sushi from Christines first ever catch ..... tuna - how very dare she ..... wish that was on my CV rather than a 12oz chub at age 10!! We hadn’t bargained for a sushi masterclass thrown into the events - superb to share it between the three of us : - )

As we were heading back to port, eagle eyed Chris spotted something odd in the water in the medium distance - change of direction and it turned out to be an upturned jet ski with two non swimming riders clinging to the hull of the upturned ski for dear life and in danger of slipping out of their life jackets.

Cooly Chris manoeuvred closer and with hand signals and following his calm instruction and assistance both were brought aboard to safety amid expressions of sheer joy and thanks from them for their safe retrieval after fifteen minutes in the water each minute apparently becoming more desperate than the previous.

Upon arrival back at port we departed after a fantastic day, fully satisfied and glowing from many memorable moments and our first day offshore sport angling.

Chris then tackled washing the vessel free of salt water using fresh water (every inch must have been covered with sea water at some point) and making things ready for the next days events following a days extreme fishing.  TOP MAN!

Please feel free to use this on your www Daryl We will be back Thanks and best regards,

Duncan and Christine - Carlisle - UK


We had a great time. There is a great difference between renting a boat for a fishing trip and going fishing with a fisherman.  Chris’s knowledge was extensive and his patience in teaching my sons what to do and how to catch bait fish first by vertical jigging and then followed by some trolling. 

We all caught different species with a snapper, amberjack and a barracuda and we were delighted.  Then to have all the fish prepared for us by a local chef, made the whole experience unforgettable.  We will highly recommend your trip to anyone.  We will be seeing you next year.
Kind regards
Andy Billington UK







MARITA - Malta


"Dear Chris and Aquatica, Thank you so much for the great day I had with you last Monday. Having had to put off the trip on Sunday I was surprised (and delighted) to find that I was your only customer on Monday. This meant that I had your undivided attention for the whole trip. This did not happen when I was in Florida where only two turned up for a similar trip...we had to pay extra to cover the expenses of the missing two fishers!

The day started with me being picked up just about as far away as possible in Malta, in Ramla Bay, and being transported in luxury to the Marina and then it was off to sea. It was a beautiful day with only one small shower that did not spoil the day at all. The first stop did not produce any fish so we quickly moved on to another area where we eventually hooked four Dolphin fish. I think you call them Lampuki? We managed to land two of them and the other two broke the line! See the photos! In between times we caught about twenty small Mackerel between us and they were very tasty at tea time. Chris was great company and full of interesting tips to improve the fishing and the GPS was set up to take us to the best spots without having to search around for them. All in all a great day for me, despite forgetting the "seasick pills". I did feel a bit queasy at times but catching fish took my mind off it! I would have no hesitation in recommending you for a great fishing trip and I have left a good selection of your flyers with the reception at the Ramla Bay Hotel.

I wish you and all who fish/dive with you the very best in the future.

Andrew Straton Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK"

Andrew Straton



"I went offshore fishing with Chris in November 2008.

First & foremost Chris extremely passionate about fishing & very professional. Of course he wanted me to catch fish but he was as keen as I was to get a catch for himself. He’s been fishing since he had to make his first rods (having to straighten out bamboo) as a child. He’s also a happy, laidback friendly guy with a good sense of humour & a vast knowledge of fishing the Maltese waters

I caught Lampuki (Dorado/Dolphinfish) & Barracuda. I took them back to my hotel & the chef was happy to cook them for my (Japanese wife..who loves eating fish) & myself. The fish were a very good size. The Lampuki being the biggest/heaviest I’ve ever caught Three other residents ate our fish as well. There was plenty to go around.

If/when I return to Malta I will fish with Chris again. I recommend him very highly. Thanks for a great day Chris. Denn. UK."

Denn Maxted


"Daryl & Chris!

Thanks a lot for the great experience! I really enjoyed the time in medditerian see. My friend Mr. Matsuura was also very satisfied. I would like to send some photo of us and fish!

Thanks, Yumiko Japan"




"Saturday’s fishing trip was a great way to spend a fresh Maltese morning. The sunrise over the ocean as you head out to the depth’s is a beautiful sight, surpassed only by returning to port loaded up with Albacore tuna!

Daryl is an experienced Captain who knows where to go and how to find the prize. He used the right setup, took us through his “magic spot”, and next thing you know we had the two Albacore on line at the same time.

Can’t wait to head out there again, good times, thanks Daryl."

Gilberto Arredondo 


"I just wanted to get in touch to thank you for the two days I recently spent fishing with Chris. On day 1 was good fun even though it was hard work, the fish weren’t plentiful at first but Chris worked hard and eventually found some over one of many wrecks we tried.

Day 2 was something to remember, fishing in that depth of water with the electric reels was something totally new to me and was very productive.

Thanks for providing the transport to and from my hotel, it was much more convenient than the bus especially when you have the fish to carry.

Thank you to all of you for being so helpful and friendly, if I come back to Malta I’ll certainly go fishing with you again and in the meantime will certainly recommend you to anyone who may be coming out your way.

All the very best."



"We had a great day on the sea. Daryl our captain was great fun, high spirited and a very easy-going guy. We caught two tuna fish, and we saw a dolphin and a sea turtle, mission accomplished“"



"I thought I should write to you and tell you how very much I enjoyed the deep sea fishing trip in Malta in July 07.

I had contacted you by e-mail back in May or June of this year. I saw your Website when surfing the net one day, Decided to get in touch……..

You returned my e-mail promptly with a date that was provisional as the weather (wind) is a factor that could cause the date to be changed. This in fact was the case and a new date was set a few days later on in my holiday.

On the morning of the trip you picked me up at the hotel in your vehicle at 0630hrs!! Which took me to the boat, where, I met a man and a woman from Sheffield and the skipper Chris, who were great company.

After a journey of about an hour at a great rate of knots, the boat came to a stop, the skipper showed us how we should fish. It took a couple of minutes for the trace to sink to that depth and even longer to get to the surface with the reel with about 6-7 of these beautiful Red Bream caught at a time.

This continued for most of the day with the skipper Jeff changing marks as soon as we had a lull in the catches; he had great knowledge of this area and records on his GPS where recent good marks were. We couldn’t see the island of Malta for most of the day.

We were supposed to finish at about 1300hrs but carried on fishing until a lot later, (got back to the hotel about 1630hrs where I was dropped of at my Hotels jetty (Paradise Bay).

I had not been deep sea fishing before, so the experience was a fantastic one, and a lot different from fishing in the North Sea for whatever comes along.

The fish you catch can be taken back and a meal organised for you eat them later that evening in a restaurant near to where the boat is kept in St Pauls Bay.

The whole day was excellent and I would unreservedly recommend:

for your trip while you are there."

Ray Jarman 


"Malte présente de nombreux attraits, au nombre desquels la mer et ses eaux cristallines.

Nous étions arrivés vers le 22 août 2007, il faisait si chaud que l’on s’était vite demandé comment occuper les quelques jours que nous avions à passer à proximité de ST PAUL’S BAY, alors même que nos conditions de logement dans un hôtel « piège à touristes » et sa piscine « baignoire chaude » nous faisaient craindre le pire… fallait-il attendre la fraicheur du soir pour enfin se mêler à la foule des maltais, surgis d’on ne sait-où, pour enfin revivre et apprécier ce beau pays.

Nous avons franchi un matin la porte de la timide boutique d’Acquatica, et ressenti immédiatement le frais d’une climatisation efficace. Mais surtout nous avons découvert en quelques minutes l’extrême gentillesse d’une famille.

En fait, il fallut plusieurs visites pour en découvrir les talents, tout d’abord celui de Daryl, le fils spécialiste de plongée… allez-y sans hésiter.

Bien sur c’est son business mais très vite vous verrez qu’il s’occupe avant tout de vous, se met à votre portée, pour vous faire découvrir le mieux de ce que permet votre niveau. Et le nôtre était plutôt bas puisque c’étaient notre première plongée….au point que nous en avons redemandé, tellement confiants en son professionnalisme et à sa disponibilité.

Puis nous avons connu Monica, qui est l’âme de l’équipe familiale, et aussi Chris, le papa, fantastique plongeur en apnée, et pêcheur professionnel

J’ai vécu avec lui une formidable journée de pêche au large de GOZO, au milieu du bleu des DOLPHIN FISH, qui se ruent sur vos leurres, et des grandes profondeurs d’où il sait retirer par 300 mètres de fond des lignes rutilantes de plusieurs dorades roses et autres rascasses.
Un vrai bonheur….
Et puis quand il vous dit où, ensuite, aller déguster vos prises, écoutez le… vous y découvrirez un restaurant étonnant, ou la « mama » vous dit de ne pas lire la carte, mais d’écouter ses propositions. Plongez dans les pasta : elles sont cuisinées maison avec des Clams, ou des Couteaux, et lorsque vous lécherez vos babines, trouverez-vous peut-être ternes vos propres poissons ??

Ne vous demandez pas pourquoi… je sais maintenant qu’en plus de vous avoir amené à la pêche, Chris a déniché je ne sais où, (il ne vous le dira pas) , ces somptueux coquillages qui ont si bien agrémenté vos antipasti…et qu’il a fournis en toute modestie ( il ne vous le dira pas non plus) à la matrone.

L’équipe Chris, Monica, et Daryl est redoutable, elle peut ensoleiller vos vacances… à déguster sans modération."

Alain, Bénédicte, Joséphine