Trolling & Live Bait

We mean Serious Fishing

Trolling - Game


There are specific months in which pelagic species of fish migrate to waters around the Maltese Islands thus making it possible to organize trips in order to target these fast swimming and powerful predatory fish that always give a good fight to the angler and get the adrenaline running as soon as the reels are heard screaming due to a strike.  

The preferred method to fish these offshore species is to troll behind the boat a series of artificial lures at high speed in order to invite these fast swimmers to attack the lures that imitate bait fish  which they usually prey on.

            Game Trollling       
Albacore Tuna

The most common species are Albacore tuna (mid June till end of August) and Dorado also known as Dolphin fish (end of September till December)

Then there are other species such as Bonito, Skipjack and Mediterranean Spearfish that occasionally can be caught with this kind of fishing according to the various months in which we fish.

            Game Trollling       
Albacore Tuna

Extreme - Abyss Fishing

At abyssal depths ranging from 200mt up to 700/800mt it is possible to fish for a number of deep dwelling species. The most common are Red Bream, Grouper, Stabot Fish, Dog Fish, Scorpion fish and Mediterranean cod.

In order to fish effectively at such great depths specialized fishing tackle and equipment must be used in order to reel in fish that may vary from 1/2 Kg Red bream up to 20kg+ Groupers or even the occasional seven-gilled shark.

            Extreme Deep Sea Fishing       

With this method of fishing one can never be sure which fish will take the bait next and the depth of the sea with all it’s mystery always reserve surprises and memorable captures.

This method of fishing is done all year round though certain months of the year are more productive than others.

            Extreme Deep Sea Fishing       

Live Bait

Some predatory species such as Amberjack, Dentex & Barracuda can be found patrolling shallower waters around reefs relatively closer to shore. By using live bait and trolling at slow speed, around these reefs we can come across some large specimen fish that offer great sport to even the most experienced of anglers.

            Live Bait       

Also in this case the fishing action is carried out using light tackle which offers a great deal of fun when playing such powerful fish. Several times the fish will either try to get loose of the hooks or find refuge in cracks along the reef but with the help of the skipper and the angler’s ability, from  the moment the rod bends, that will be the start of a long battle with the fish.

            Live Bait       

Light Drifting

This is a very versatile form of fishing and can be applied practically to target all game fish. According to what bait is used, the location or tackle set-up, you can end up having from a 2lb Black Bream to a 200lb + Bluefin at the other end of the line. It is important to note that fishing for Bluefin is strictly within EU and local Fishery regulations.


Due to the surprisingly large variety of species available with this kind of fishing most of the times the angler will not know what will take his bait next. This ’unknown’ factor raises more the anticipation and all eyes are always on the line that from one second to another can start screaming line out of your reel as the fish swims away at very high speed.


Vertical Jigging

Introduced in the Mediterranean region just little more than a decade ago, this style of fishing has successfully been adopted to target several species of fish including Amberjack, Snapper, Barracuda, Grouper and many other predatory species. This method is as rewarding as it is hard to practice. In fact the continuous and frantic action by which the action of fishing must be carried out is advised only to seasoned anglers who are familiar with this style of fishing.